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Small Business Program

Small Business is Big Business at Caltrans
The Caltrans District 8 Small Business office is committed to assisting Small Business (SB), Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) firms gain access to Federal and State contracting and procurement.

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)
Caltrans District 8 is committed to an overall DBE goal of 12.5 percent on its federal-funded projects based upon a race-neutral and race-conscious methodology.  A DBE certification is based on: Social and Economic Disadvantage, Business Size Standards, Personal Net Worth, Ownership and Control.  To learn more about the DBE program and how to become certified, please find information here. Nearly all Caltrans federally-funded projects will have a DBE utilization goal and so it is beneficial for qualified firms to become certified.  Only DBE certified firm can qualify for this program and be counted in the 12.5 percent goal. 

Small Business (SB), Disabled Veterans Business Enterprise (DVBE)
Caltrans District 8 is committed to increasing the economic opportunity and development of SB DVBEs within State contracting. Caltrans has pledged to meet or exceed a 25% SB and 5% DVBE participation goal on State funded contracts and procurement opportunities. To learn more about the SB/DVBE program and how to become certified, please find information here.

Meeting the Goals:
In order to help meet these goals, Caltrans District 8 hosts a number of educational and outreach events within San Bernardino and Riverside Counties.  Annual events include: Surety (Bonding) Workshop, “How To Do Business With Caltrans,” DBE Certification Workshop, SB/DVBE Certification Workshop, Mandatory Pre Bid Meetings, Regional Small Business Council Meetings and Labor and Compliance Workshops.  It is the goal of the District Small Business Office to promote opportunities that will increase the DBE, SB and DVBE utilization in Caltrans contracting and procurement. 

Tools for Small Business:
·     Caltrans Contractor Interest Registry (For Emergency Contract Awards)
·     Department of General Services website for SB/DVBE program information
·     DBE Certification Resources
·     DBE Search
·     Contractor’s Corner (advertised projects, bidding, awards)
·     Calmentor and Mentor-Protégé Program
·     Statewide Small Business Council
·     A Quick Reference Information Guide for Contractors
·     Architectural and Engineering Contract Information
·     BidSync Tips
·     Department of General Services eProcurement and Doing Business with the State
·     Title VI Program  

Workshop and Outreach Events

The upcoming Workshop and Outreach events listed below are subject to change.

Events Calendar

Interactive Maps

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Ready To List Projects Map

Caltrans District 8 projects that will be listed for construction in FY 17/18.

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Projects that are in Construction Map

Caltrans District 8 projects that are currently under construction.

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Southern California Region Small Business Council
·     Roster (PDF Coming Soon)
·     Meeting Schedule (PDF Coming Soon)
·     DBE Department Report
·     DVBE Department Report

Adriana Surfas, Manager, Small Business: (909) 383-6923
Dawn Strough, Small Business Liaison: (909) 383-6396