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Projects | San Bernardino County | I-15 Interchange
Reconstruction: D Street, E Street, Stoddard Wells Road, and Mojave River Bridge

The California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS) proposes to reconstruct three interchanges upgrade the roadway of Interstate 15 (I-15) within the City of Victorville.  Proposed engineering includes reconstruction of the D Street, E Street, and Stoddard Wells Road Interchanges; widening of the Victorville separation overhead; widening of the Mojave River Bridge; and replacement of the Stoddard Wells Road overcrossing.  Southbound and northbound interim three-lane roadbeds would be repositioned on the outside, leaving a median width that would be compatible with the ultimate 10-lane facility.  A new frontage road would be constructed West of I-15, and the existing East frontage road would be realigned.  A retaining wall would be used to support the widened D Street northbound exit ramp and auxiliary lane.  Two northbound sound walls and new and replacement landscaping are including in the proposed scope of work.

pdf gifClick Here for the Final ISEA Enviromental Document

The scope of work for project for EA 35556 includes the reconstruction of existing "D", "E" Street and Stoddard Wall Road interchange, widen Victorville Separation Overhead, construct new North bound (N/B) Collector Distributor Bridge over "D" and "E" Street, Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Railroad, widen Mojave River Bridge & construct new West Frontage Road Bridge over Mojave River, upgrade 4.1 miles of the mainline to current roadway standards, realign East Frontage Road, construct new West Frontage Road & add an auxiliary lane & deceleration lane.
The scope of work for this project proposes various gateway enhancements in the City of Victorville with the incorporation of a rock blanket and creative aesthetic retaining walls.

This $76 million project is needed to upgrade existing interim nonstandard roadway features to current standards, improve traffic safety, and improve operational characteristics of the interchanges at “D” Street, “E” Street and Stoddard Wells Road and improve the aesthetics of the gateway to the City of Victorville by enhancing the environment that is seen from the freeway, as well as, from the community. The intent is that these aesthetic treatments will fit the natural desert surroundings of this area by including special ground plant treatments, as well as, architectural and structural elements. 

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Hard copies of this FEIR/EIS, as well as of the technical studies we relied upon in preparing it, are available for review at:

Caltrans District 8 Office
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